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Another after work sunrise.

Another after work sunrise.

Post-imperialistic sunrise in Bristol. After another night shift.

Post-imperialistic sunrise in Bristol. After another night shift.

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Following on from my last post: I took these photos of the sunrise in Bristol this morning from the Park Row NCP car park roof at around 5:00AM. The Radisson Hotel seen in the third picture turned from sky blue to a near-blinding gold the moment the sun broke through the clouds.

I finished work at 4:30 this morning and as I walked home the dull blue haze of dawn was, as I rounded the corner onto Park Row, fractured by one of the most stunning sunrises I’ve ever seen. I ran home to get my camera and proceeded to run around Park Row / St Michael’s Hill frantically looking for a good vantage point to capture it from. The first three photos were taken from the top of the steps in front of the Zero Degrees micro brewery on the Park Row side. The other five were taken from the high pavement in front of St Michael on the Mount church.

While out taking photos of the sunrise from the roof of a car park this morning in Bristol I became the repeated target of a seagull who kept taking dives at me. It came within a couple of metres of me a few times and, as you can see, made it into the my frame more than once during its dives.

Some snaps from the centre of Bristol, Small Street, Broad Street, Corn street.


All the porn blogs that follow me have been deleted. I’ve lost a quarter of my followers in one day.

Another hungover gif self portrait.

Another hungover gif self portrait.

I made this a number of years ago when I was a student.

Here’s an experimental mood video I made a few years ago in Falmouth. Dropped frame rate, shaky camera, glitch art. Sound scape made from recordings of the noises my camera makes when taking photographs. Be warned; its arty.

Hungover self portraits.

The maiden voyage of HMS Good Coffee, courtesy of everyone’s favourite yankee.